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aqua blue silver enamel circle necklace
seagreen silver enamel circle necklace
seagreen silver enamel circle necklace
royal blue silver enamel circle necklace
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Fine Silver Enamel Flat Open Circle Karma Necklace on sterling silver chain ~ 3 colors

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The circle as a symbol has a long history.  They most commonly represent unity, wholeness and infinity.  My circle necklaces are made by hand and are a symbol of your inner wholeness and beauty.

This flat circle necklace is made of hammered fine silver.  It is fired on both sides with transparent vitreous enamel, resulting in various glowing ocean inspired colors.  The attached cable chain is sterling silver, 1.4 mm, 18" in length.  It can be worn shorter if preferred as the clasp can attach to the chain itself.  All components of this necklace are fine or sterling silver of the finest quality.

The circle is 3/4" in diameter.  I use recycled silver and recycle my silver as well.

I offer two ways to wear your circle.  The sterling chain simply goes through the circle or I can create holes with jump rings for a two point connection.

In the Zen Buddhist philosophy, a circle stands for enlightenment and perfection in unity with the primal principles. Circles are sometimes symbols of the Judeo-Christian God and sanctity, appearing as haloes. In Chinese symbology, the circle represents the heavens.  Circles are also often seen as protective symbols. In occult practices, standing within a circle shields people from supernatural dangers or outside influences. Circles can also represent containing, keeping what is inside from been released.
Whatever your connection to the circle is, wear it as a symbol of hope and peace.