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sea star starfish enamel earrings
starfish sea star enamel earrings
starfish sea star enamel earrings
starfish sea star enamel earrings
starfish sea star enamel earrings
seaside harmony gift box
Sarah Miller artist at bench using torch Seaside Harmony Jewelry

Sea Star Starfish purple and orange enamel earrings- Geometric

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 Starfish or sea stars as they are now called, have always been sea creatures of endless fascination around the world.  I remember swimming in the Channel Islands outside Ventura, CA and getting up close and personal with these awe inspiring beings.  I love their the nubby texture and liquid movement but the best feature for an artist is that the colors of sea stars are virtually innumerable.  I looked up natural colors of sea stars to inspire the color design of these earrings.  I don't usually use purple and orange for ocean inspired designs so this was a special treat.  I added tiny silver foil circles for a little dazzle.

The backs of the earrings are a medium blue unless you request otherwise. I make the ear wires from sterling silver. 

length of earring: 1 1/2"

width at widest point: 1 1/2"

drop from ear: 2" to bottom tip of earring

Note: Enamel is fired glass.  It is sturdy but can crack or break if dropped onto a hard surface or crushed under something.  Please treat these handmade enamel items with care and they will have a long, happy life.  Please note that copper enameled items will form an oxidized layer on the edges.  This is normal as the copper edges are exposed to air.