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Another Monday in quarantine ~ Honor multitasking moms with a thoughtful handmade jewelry gift~

Hi Seekers-

Another Monday in quarantine.  Oh joy.  My morning has been spent guiding my 10 year old son in a Google slide project on the California Missions.  It can be fun in to teach and guide, but this time is usually spent working on my own projects and responsibilities.  I know there are tons of moms who are doing the home school duties as well as their many other jobs.   I am with you in body, mind and spirit!!

All the moms out there, especially the ones with kids stuck at home, really need a special acknowledgement of their efforts and sacrifices on this mother's day in particular.  Being a mom is challenging during regular times but this is really pressing many of us to our maximum capacity and beyond.  The reason is that we  CARE.  We care about our kids and want to do our absolute best for them.  So we are going to take time away from the things we want (and often need) to do in order to nurture our kids' learning.  That's how moms are. 

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the dads in this situation.  I know there are tons of dads who are making the same sacrifices as moms and deserve just as much love and support.  My hubby is taking a huge part of the load when he is home and I couldn't do it without him.  But, mother's day is right around the corner and it is our special occasion.  On father's day, please do something special for dad!

The first things that usually go by the wayside when moms must take on more for the kids' education and happiness are the things that nurture our souls and help us to manage stress.  We all have different things we do.  I do yoga, run, make jewelry, knit and spend time with friends.  Obviously, seeing friends isn't happening right now.  I am trying to keep up my usual self preservation activities but I just can't do it like before.  I'm not complaining (too much), it is just the way it has to be.  I am sure that many, many moms out there are sacrificing right now so that they can be there to supervise their kids and help them out.

How can you honor mom?  Obviously, sending her a handmade gift of jewelry is a pretty cool way, if I say so myself. ;)  If you have a mom in your life that loves the ocean and nature, my wave necklaces and bracelets can be personalized to remind her that you appreciate everything she does.

Click on any of the photos to take you to my website and more details ~ Also, please forward to dads who might need gift ideas for their baby mamas!

turquoise enamel wave necklace mother day gift
personalized enameled wave necklace dark blue enamel wave necklace

 Maybe mom loves silver.  My new starburst enamel silver earrings are delicate and refined.  They sparkle with numerous ocean inspired colors.  Moms who love spirals and naturally inspired shapes will adore my spiral texture earrings.

blue transparent enamel fine silver earrings mothers day














multicolored ocean disc earrings silveraqua swirl texture silver round earrings handmade

Or, mom gift mom an Open Circle Karma necklaces made from fine silver and enamel. 

light blue open circle karma necklace silver sterling chain

royal blue open circle karma necklace sterling chainseagreen silver enameled open circle karma necklace

Whatever you, make sure to show mom appreciation this mother's day.  The last couple months have been tough for everyone.  Mom really deserves some appreciation and special attention this year.  



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