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What is sea glass and where does it come from?

 Sea glass is recycled glass that has ended up in the ocean.  The salt water and sand churn for decades on pieces of broken glass, resulting in beautiful "sea gems" that are smooth and frosty.  Genuine sea glass can be spotted because of its "pitted" appearance.  It is extremely durable, which makes it great for jewelry.  Shards of glass that have been tumbled in a machine tend to have a very thin layer of frosting and chip easily.  



The most sought after pieces of sea glass are in rare colors that are no longer manufactured, such as orange, yellow and red.  Also, the smoother the edges and more nugget-like in shape, the more prized.  Much of the sea glass in the United States has been picked off beaches, so the prettiest glass is now often found in other countries, such as Russia, England and Scotland.  There is quite a market for rare sea glass, as collectors scour beaches for their prized findings.

Finding sea glass also appeals to our excitement at hunting for treasure hidden in nature.  Sea glass hunters are very knowledgeable about the tides and conditions which make sea glass more likely to appear.  If a sea glass hunter finds a cherry spot which yields lovely pieces, you are very unlikely to pry that information out of him or her!

Sometimes people stumble upon gorgeous sea glass pieces by accident, while vacationing in a tropical paradise.  These keepsakes are wonderful to create into jewelry.  That piece of sea glass will likely evoke fond memories of a honeymoon or special trip with a loved one.

I have my "secret spots" in San Diego, where I hunt for my own sea glass treasures.  Whenever I travel, I always research local beaches that might yield some sea gems.  Believe me, my husband and kids have endured many a sea glass hunting outing!  Usually, we have a fun time of it, no matter if we find sea glass or not.  Being at the ocean and enjoying the sea air, sand in our toes and peace that the ocean brings is reward enough.