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Calling all Mermaid Mama's and Ocean Mama's!

We didn't go to to the beach much when I was a kid, except for the very long day trips in the summer when we went to Rehobeth Beach in Delaware.  We drove from Maryland (3 hours each way), stayed all day outside and drove back.  I remember always been burnt to a crisp (we didn't use much sunblock back then) and sitting in itchy sandy beach clothes for the long drive home.  Didn't we even think to change our clothes?? Maybe my memory is skewed.  It sounds crazy to me now, but we loved it.  

When I began thinking about where I wanted to go to college, I dreamed of going all the way to San Diego, California. I envisioned gorgeous beaches, sea breezes and perfect weather all year around.  I wasn't too far off.  I got into UCSD- and I was in love.

There is something to me about being at the shore that brings immediate peace.  It is a sense of wonder, limitless possibilities and feeling part of a much larger natural world.  I love the sound of the waves brushing up and down the sand.   It is meditative and relaxing.  To me, a mermaid is not just a sexy fish-woman, it's a mentality of playfulness and imagination.  A Mermaid Mama is youthful no matter her age and loves to commune with the ultimate mama, Mother Nature.


With Mother's Day coming up, are you looking for a thoughtful, handmade gift for your mom, a mom friend, or yourself?  As Mermaid or Ocean mamas, we belong to that greater world of the sea, which is always gently calling us to come back and visit.

I am offering my Mermaid and Ocean mama's wave pendant necklace in four colors: seagreen, baby blue, aqua and turquoise.  Also, for the moms, I am offering to do a personalization in enamel on the back at no extra cost. 

Order before Mother's Day to get a lovely gift wrapped package to deliver yourself or have it directly mailed to mom, wherever she is in the world.




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