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Do you love smooth, round objects? My love affair with beach rocks and sea glass

When you were growing up, were you mesmerized by those impossibly round, smooth rocks that you find by the ocean?  I don't know why some people can't get enough rocks, but I am one of them.  Finding rocks by the shore is especially enticing because when rocks get wet, they are even prettier.  Combine Mother Nature's influence in the form of churning waves and rocks become smooth, rounded and perfect.  Here is where sea glass comes in.  Even though trash glass tossed in the sea is not naturally occurring, the same amazing process happens to these "gems of the sea".  

The most beautiful stones in the world are often not found by the ocean.  So, we as humans have to make them into that gorgeous smooth, round shape that we love so such.  Since I am a lover of all things ocean inspired, I have been drawn mainly to blue and greenish stones.  I spent time a few years ago at the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society cutting cabochons from rough or slab rocks.  I actually just wanted to go to their silversmithing classes but I was told that I had to take a cabochon making class first.  I don't know if I would have done it otherwise.

I'm so glad I did.  Slowly filing the rocks into the rounded shape was like a meditation.  It was a slow process so you could become entranced by the rhythmic movements required to shape the rock.  The instructors gave you a general idea of what you were supposed to do, but the process is mostly intuitive.  There are no mathematical calculations.  You just "eyeball" it.  Eventually, I stopped going to the mineral and gem clubs due to lack of time.  I do miss it.  If you ever get a chance to try it, don't pass it up.

Over the years, I have collected many stones, rocks and cabochons.  Of course, I have many more than I could ever use.  I am hoping that you will help me to share these gorgeous stones with others by giving my jewelry as gifts or for yourself.

I just listed a few pieces that showcase lovely stones and sea glass.  They are all earrings.  If you are interested in a necklace or ring with one of these stones, let me know.

Two of the earrings sets are made with Lapis Lazuli.  I love that name!  It feels so fanciful.  Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. (from Wikipedia)

I remember being in Italy and touring the ruins of ancient homes with lapis stone ground into the walls to make them blue.  It was like ancient wall paper.  I once cut an expensive piece of lapis from a mine in Afganistan and it was so soft, it carved like cold butter.   Lapis is often a very deep blue with gold flecks.  This is the lapis I use in the gold rimmed oval earrings.

Lapis can also can be found in lighter blues.  My earrings with sterling silver eternity symbols holding the stones have denim lapis.  This is more of a cornflower blue with a bit of white.

I found the Azurite cabochons at a gem fair and I just had to have them.  A highly sought after crystal in the world of gemstones, Azurite is known for its stunning blue color, which evolved over the millennia through reactions between copper, hydrogen, carbonate, and oxygen. Azurite features deep contrasting shades of blue, which comes from its fusion with Malachite, a closely related mineral that contains nearly the same chemistry. In crystal healing, Azurite is a gem when it comes to enhancing creativity and inner wisdom because it cleanses and activates the third eye chakra. (From Energy Muse website).

These particular Azurite have bright green inclusions, which make them looks like little tiny earths.  I only have 2 pairs of these little beauties, so snap them up before they are gone. 

I have wanted to combine sea glass with enamel for quite a while.   Since I mainly have clear sea glass, what better way to showcase that glass than with a beautiful ocean inspired color of enamel?  I found all my sea glass myself (or was gifted it) from beaches near San Diego or where I have traveled.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about the stones and natural objects I use in my jewelry.  If you have a special rock or piece of sea glass that you want make into a custom piece of jewelry, let me know.  I'd be happy to work with you.  When you are at the beach, keep an eye out for that elusive gem hiding amongst the grey rough rocks!

The natural world is the easiest place to find wonder and peace of mind.  Seek it out and you will be rewarded every time.  




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  • Collecting stones, sea glass, & driftwood from the sea is such a wonderful therapy for me. I absolutely love your work and wore one of your custom pieces today! ❤️


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