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Earth Day 2021 is almost here- Celebration and Action- We all have a role to play 🌍🌎🌏🌱💖

Hello friends,

By now, you may know that environment issues, conservation and living responsibly in our current world plays an important role in my life.  I believe that we all must take steps to educate ourselves and others in our families to the important issues facing us about climate change, our use of non-recyclable materials, steps to conserve our natural resources, and so many more important issues.  As Earth Day is almost here, it is a great time to revisit our commitment to our future on this planet. is a fantastic website that touches on the many issues related to taking care of our mother Earth.  I highly recommend you check it out and see where you could focus your interest and action.  Often, when we are faced with the enormity of environmental concerns, we feel overwhelmed, throw up our hands and think, "Why bother? It is too big to tackle!" or "What could I possibly do to make a difference?"  I too feel this desperation at times.  The answer is, focus on what you CAN do and how your particular interests align.  No one person can do everything, but we can all do SOMETHING.

“Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.” Tina Fey

What is your role to play?  Depending on what you do and your interests, you may have a huge impact.  As an artist, business person and a mother, I have things that I can do.  I recycle my materials as much as possible, I choose eco-friendly packaging and materials, I educate through my channels as a business owner.  As a mother, I teach my kids to limit their food and material waste, purchase recyclable and eco-friendly family supplies, take them to do trash clean-up's in the community and expose them to learning about how they can be part of the solution with their actions. 

As an artist and a lover of nature, I am celebrating Earth Day 2021 by releasing several waves of one-of-a-kind enamel necklaces that highlight some of my favorite sea creatures.  The first release is colorful, texturally varied sea stars. 

Each of these necklaces is made with a special enamel that creates crackled effects when layered with different enamel colors.  I crank the heat up to 1550 F to get the enamels flowing.  During that time in the kiln, the enamel gods do what they wish!  That's why each pendant has its' own individual patterns.

If you love the sea stars (or starfish) but would like to ask about specific color combinations you don't see in my shop, let me know!  I'd love to create a special sea star just for you. 

As part of my commitment to supporting environmental causes,  I will be donating 10% of the sales I make during this month of my special sea creature necklaces.  Thank you for helping me with this goal!

Click HERE to view the listings~ 


handmade crackle enamel sea star starfish necklaces seaside harmony

So- we need to learn about and celebrate SEA STARS!

The Ocean Conservancy gives us these amazing tidbits about sea stars-

1. They AREN'T fish!

2. Sea Stars WALK!

3. They have two stomachs

4 .They’re extremely aggressive predators, and can sometimes be cannibalistic

5. Not all sea stars have 5 arms

6. They can re-grow their body parts

7. They don't have eyes like us but they still "see"

Find out more by reading their blog:


Stand by for the next release very soon--- whale tails!!










  • Star Walkers are darling. Can u make earrings with silver?

    Pauline Doran
  • I really liked your way of presenting the article. thank you for sharing this amazing article.

    Alex Kim

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