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Fairs and Festivals, lots of one-of-a kind pieces! STARTING FRIDAY AT RBCPC!

Hello seeker friends,

I am really enjoying the hint of fall in the air in San Diego. It's been a hot summer and snap, just like that, we are in fall.

In September, I was busying creating new one-of-a-kind pieces to share with you in my fall fairs when I came down with Covid -19 (event though vaccinated!)  I'm happy to say that it was NOT fun, but both my husband and I recovered fully and our kids didn't seem to notice.  Back to the studio!

I decided to spend more time doing metalsmith pieces this fall, since I bought a bunch of pretty stones a few months ago and I missed doing my metalsmith work.  They are all unique, and I'm hoping you will enjoy checking them out at one of my coming fairs!  

First of which---THIS WEEKEND! 

Friday Oct. 15    9 am to 6 pm
Sat. Oct 16    9 am to 1 pm
RBCPC Annual Fall Festival
17010 Pomerado Rd, San Diego, CA 92128

Additional Fairs coming up:

Nov. 20, 2021
Santa Barbara Sea Glass and Ocean Arts Festival 
Carpinteria, CA  

Dec. 4, 2021
San Dieguito Art Guild Holiday Fair
Encinitas Community Center

For more details, click the link below:

A preview of a few of the new pieces showing on Friday....

I'm super excited to be part of in-person fairs again.  See you soon!!



 rhodonite sterling earrings with fine silver drops seaside harmony jewelry    moonstone sterling hoops seaside harmony jewelry

chalcedony fine silver enamel blue earrings seaside harmony jewelry   labradorite pendant with lined rim seaside harmony jewelry

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