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Hi, Stranger! From my house to yours: Open Circle Karma Necklaces. Just in time for Mother's Day

Hello Harmony Seekers! It's been too long.

Since the holidays of 2019, I've been in a mild digital hibernation.  I really needed to step away from the Facebook.  I stopped posting my jewelry, stopping making IG posts, stopped making demo videos, just stopped.  I am not a born marketer, so that process feels pretty draining to me.  January is a good time to take stock and regroup anyway.  Then, February happened.  I still wasn't motivated.  Ok, March.  I am revving up now!  I finally started to feel that burning desire to hit the presses again.  Whoops!  Lock down!  Isolation!  Kids stay home for school??? For how long??  

If you are a parent, you feel me here.  My brain said "does not compute."  I adore my kids, of course.  But I really need my quiet time- my creation time.  I felt a bit robbed, to be honest.  However, I wanted the kids to "do the right things."  Work on math, reading, writing, enrichment....but they are not so interested in that part.  I needed to manufacture activities, be close by, monitor.  That takes a lot of energy.  It took all my energy for a while.

In the meantime, I had been working on developing some new beautiful fine silver enameled items.  Transparent vitreous enamel on fine silver is like a really nice glass of wine: classy, iridescent, sparkly.  I'm not sure about that comparison but it's posh, that's what I'm telling you.  I'm kicking it up a notch.

So, I'm reaching out to you with an invitation to check out my updated website with new collections.  I think moms of the world will love these.  My new beauty to introduce: open circle karma necklaces.

I love circles.  Everything about circles makes me happy and feels like "the truth."  They are happy.  They are whole.  They are eternal.  They show how earth and all life on it operates.  They symbolize the feminine divine and the notion that we all must reap what we sow.  

I created these circles from heavy gauge fine silver wire by fusing and hammering.  But then, the gorgeous ocean-inspired transparent enamels add a pop of color to make them even more special.  My color palette of choice is the ocean: seagreen, light blue, royal blue and aqua.  They are adorned on quality sterling silver cable chain that can be adjusted in length by the wearer.  


 aqua open circle karma fine silver necklace with sterling silver chainseagreen open circle karma necklace sterling silver chain

royal blue enamel fine silver open circle karma necklace on sterling silver chainlight blue fine silver enamel open circle karma necklace with sterling silver chain


 I have so much more to show you, but you can see it all on my website!

Just click the gift box below.

Stay safe and shop for goodies from home.  Support your local businesses.





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