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How does my creative process work? Interpreting the geometric trend.

Hello everyone,

I know I love to hear how other people's creative process unfolds, so I thought you  might like to hear about mine.  I often have ideas pop into my head at all hours and places.  I keep a list of ideas in my Evernote app (free), in case that might help anyone.  It's an easy way to organize ideas and projects.

Sometimes trends come along that I want to explore.  If they have nothing to do with my brand then I stay away.  I like to think of a trend as a starting point, a fun place to jump off from and see what I can come up with that still fits with me as an artist with my unique perspective.

You may have noticed (um, who hasn't?) that geometric designs, especially earrings, are super trendy now.  I like that geometric designs invite color contrasts for a visual punch.  I also like the multi-piece aspect of it.  The possibilties of putting together different shapes and colors are practically endless.  

What I have noticed is that the current trend is mostly angular shapes with straight edges.  That is NOT my asthetic!  Maybe you have noticed that I LOVE waves, circles, spirals, half moons, curves, etc. etc.  NOT into straight lines.  So, I decided to spin this trend off for my brand by using anything I can punch out with my disc cutter!  That way, at least one side will always have a curve.

Once I started to play with it, I was having a ball.  Skinny moons!  Fat moons!  The pieces that were left over after cutting out the moons!   Then, I started figuring out cool combinations of shapes and how to align them.  Double U's, doubled half moons, dots and double sided ovals.  I have so many ideas I can't keep up.  I drill the holes to attach the pieces together how I want, and I'm off to begin enameling.

With enameling, you get to focus on color and color combinations.  I wanted these pieces to be visually strong but not too fussy.  I paired up my favorite ocean inspired blues and greens to create a cool palate that fits with my brand.

I create my own sterling silver components (jump rings and ear wires) and put it all together.  Now I have the beginnings of a collective that can grow.



Thank you so much for reading!  Please come check out my growing collection of geometric pieces done Seaside Harmony style - click the link below.









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