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I got to be a guest on The Etsy Conversations podcast! 💖🙌😊🚀

Hi friends and happy new year.


It takes me a minute to recover from high energy activities such as the big holiday rush and vacation with the kids.  Over a week, in fact! So, I'm finally getting my bearings about heading into 2021.  I've even managed to pay my sales tax and estimated self employment tax on time so I feel like a champion. 

Thank you to all of you who ordered "pretty things" from me in 2020. I appreciate each and every sale.  In fact, 2020 has been my best sales year yet!  It is definitely a case of working smarter, rather than working harder.  The lessons keep coming.

Something that occurred right at the end of 2020 was that I had another guest interview release!  It was almost Christmas and I was a bit distracted.  Ijeoma Eleazu of the Etsy Conversations Podcast was kind enough to chat with me about my journey as a creative entrepreneur.  Ijeoma is so kind and friendly, I felt like I was chatting with an old friend.  I have listened to her podcast for years and it was a thrill to speak to her.

It's quite lengthy, so give it a listen when you want to keep your ears busy for a while.  We delve into some interesting topics where fellow creatives will probably find common ground.  Click the link below to listen!

So, what is new and exciting in your life for 2021?  I'm trying to not get bogged down by national events and keep my focus on my family and my goals.  I hope you have some creative aspirations (or otherwise!) for 2021 and I would love to hear from you.  

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I always feel more audacious at the beginning of a new year.  I feel compelled to push my enameling into larger realms - such as vessels for incense and wall art.  This gets tricky with the increase in size for costs, packaging, etc.  But you can not fight the creative forces!  They will prevail!!

Keep yours eyes open for my newsletters with updates on my wacky ideas.  Hopefully some will speak to you.  

Keep your head up, keep creating and learning.




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