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It's a new year with new goals and new toys. Valentines day anyone?

Hi everyone,

Well, it's already February but it still feels pretty new to be in 2021.  Covid is still lurking about and messing with us, but we are getting used to being resilient and pushing through.  

I love the new year transition because I feel freer to try new ideas and spice things up.  I've made some purchases of materials, supplies and tools this past month and I'm super excited to get to playing with them.

Turns out large pieces of metal require a lot more enamel than I'm used to using! I had to pause my wall decoration to order more.  I'm excited to see how it finally turns out.  I got some Murrini glass which is pieces of glass cane.  Glass makers twist together long pieces of glass to create new cane and stretch that.  The cross sections are tiny little beauties that can be fused onto other glass.  I'm also ready to start my adventures with "crackle" enamel which melts at a lower temperature then reseals in all kinds of crazy ways.  Once you introduce multiple colors into the mix, it get really exciting!  I also got addicted to watching "Blown away" on Netflix.  I only do reality TV if there is a creative activity going on.   I've never done glass blowing but I love to watch other people do it.  One day maybe I'll have the chance to give it a try.

In the spirit of Valentines (or Galentines, which I love the idea), I made some new pieces I'd like to share.  I had an idea about a bunch of wonky textured brass hearts around a piece of abalone and I love how the pendant turned out.  I added a sparkle with a little Alexandrite gemstone.  The purplish green of the gem is the perfect pair with the abalone.  I even made some sterling chain which I haven't done in a long time. It's a bit of challenge for soldering tiny links without having them stick together.  

abalone hearts Alexandrite pendant

I also made some fun heart earrings (which can also be pendants if requested) in two sizes.  I cut some fun, funky heart shapes and stamped the copper to provide interest.  I then used transparent enamels to highlight the textures underneath and add some lovely pinkish red color.


stamped copper enamel heart earringsstamped copper enamel heart earringsstamped copper enamel heart earrings


These items are all available on my website now at

If you have a special request for something for Valentines, please let me ASAP as time is almost up!  I'd love to make something special for your special someone.

Expressing creativity is a very powerful way to handle stress and find hidden talents you didn't even know existed.  I hope you all are enjoying some creative outlets during this tough time in our lives.


Stay safe and namaste,







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  • Really different from your usual! The pendent surround is particularly nice! Th earrings color is really cool! Good job-love your blog!🥰❤️


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