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LAST SHOWS THIS SEASON! Talmadge Art Show TOMORROW! SD MADE Holiday Market next weekend.

Hi there--

It's officially FALL in San Diego.  This is really my favorite time of year.  Summer is great but it does get pretty hot inland where I live.  Fall is just about perfect.  A bit of cool air but still brilliant sunshine.  I love running on the trails near my house in the fall.  In fact, I'm gonna do that right after I'm done to get out some of my nervous energy for the Talmadge Art Show tomorrow!

I'm so excited to see people's reactions to my new fine silver and sterling ocean-inspired pieces.  I love them, and I hope you guys do too.  It's that time of year for holiday gifts, and I hope you consider purchasing something from me to give to yourself or someone you care about.  I put a ton of time and care into my handmade pieces and handmade is a bit rare these days.

Here are a few pieces to show you what I've been working on!

green blue aqua silver disc necklaceaqua domed silver earrings seaside harmony

opal blue spiral texture silver earringsseagreen hammered circle necklace

I am also loving my new sterling wave necklaces and earrings..simple with some sparkle.  I can set your favorite stone just for you.

citrine sterling wave necklacesapphire sterling wave ring


All these new items are not available on my website yet -- so come to one of these shows soon to check them out~


Talmadge Art Show on Sunday, Nov 17 10 am to 4 pm
The grandma of San Diego art shows at Liberty Station.  Check out the gifts, have a nice lunch at one of many nearby cafes and restaurants.

New Additional show:

San Diego Made Holiday Market, Nov. 23-24 

This is where you find the hippest of all artisans.  This year located at their brand new beautiful space.  You want to see what is brand new in the craft world- come on by.

2031 Commercial Street, San Diego

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