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North Park Festival of the I come! With a brand spanking new line

Tomorrow is a full day festival in North Park that I have done for numerous years.  It is quite an event, with a beer block, multiple stages of music, tons of vendors, food and fun for the kids.  Since it runs from 11 am to 10 pm, it allows for a wide variety of crowds to hang out.  The families start early with lots of strollers and happy kids.  By happy hour time, the young party people start heading out- enjoying the beers and food.  By evening, you've got a full-on party scene.  

I will be at the corner of University and Iowa St. with the North Park Craft Mafia.  We are a small group of "handmade only" vendors.  Skip the commercial junk and see what the people who work with their hands have created for you.  Last minute Mother's Day gifts, lovely self care products, fun, silly stuff- we've got it all.

I have also dug into a new line of jewelry that I am super excited about.  My goal is to make really interesting pieces that don't look like everything else you see.  I want you to know they are handmade!  That is what makes them different than all the stuff shipped over from China.

My process on these is to make the focal part of the piece from copper that I have etched.  I have created various ocean inspired patterns like swirly lines, waves, circles and spirals.  I then enamel a clear gold over the top and do another layer of gorgeous sea loving colors like aqua, seagreen or baby blue.  These are the basis for a range of cool new items such as earrings, necklaces and cuffs.

Eventually these will make it to my website for you to be able to order.  For now, here is a sneak peek!

aqua copper etched anticlastic cuff

semicircle aqua wavy etched necklace with turquoise and onyx beads

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