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Summer is in the you feel it too? Surfing for the first time!

Hi Seekers!

I love San Diego...especially when it's beach weather. And it's starting to feel like summer here.  The waves are calling...and I decided to listen!

For example, my daring friend convinced me to try surfing with her for the first time ever a couple weeks ago.  I know- how can I not have tried surfing before?? Well, because it's really hard and can be seriously punishing!  I'm sorry to say that I got face slammed about ten times and barely made it to my feet.  After soreness has abated, I am committed to trying again.  I think. Any surfers out there??  I need some serious help!  But I DID enjoy being out in the waves, as long as the board did not smash my head.

transparent aqua enamel wave necklace seaside harmony jewelry

Surfers and beach bunnies-- dudes, little dudes, dudettes-- really anyone- I can say that my signature wave necklaces and bracelets will stand up great to the real waves out there!!  Also, I can figured out how to make my transparent colored waves even more golden and beautiful. 


golden enamel wave necklaces seaside harmony jewelry

Check 'em out and don't forget your personalization options! Mother's Day is coming soon-- and if mom loves the beach and sun-- I have many colors and options to choose from.  If you like the earrings I am wearing in the photo- let me know! I'm making options now but they have not hit the website yet.  They have a little silver infinity symbol too.

personalized wave necklace 1 rad chick seaside harmony

Gaia loves the beach too. Last weekend, she had her first EVER off leash visit to North Beach in Del Mar.  She had a BLAST!!!  It was so much fun seeing her run from dog to dog, jump little waves and even snuggle up to some random people.

Dog on the beach with waves seaside harmony

It's hard to stay in the hot old garage and make things when the sun is out and the beach is calling!! I'm trying...

My first fair of the year is coming May 11th!  

North Park Festival of the Arts

11 am to 10 PM-- it's an ALL day and evening event.  Come and out and have fun.  All ages.  Beer garden, bands, DIY fun-- you name it.



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