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The holidays are coming ~ moons and stars ~ mandalas ~ sterling waves with gemstones~

It's almost Thanksgiving in 2020.  What to think of this year?  Shit show?  Pretty much.  But there has also been silver linings here and there.  I have enjoyed slowing down the seemingly break-neck pace of commitments.  Sometimes I think I was not meant to live in this time period because I don't thrive under intensely fast paced days.  I know some of my friends do, but I tend to crack under the intensity.  I have enjoyed spending slow time with my kids, hearing their troubles, talking them through their pre-teen and teen years.  I  enjoy doing yoga, doing my runs and bike rides, watching M. Night Shyamalan movies with my daughter.

I also enjoy making things that I consider beautiful.  I am excited to share some new pieces that show the range of metal work that I love to do.  I am both a metal smith and an enamelist, and everything in me refuses to choose one over the other.

I knew that since the holidays were coming, I needed to delve into something other than ocean waves.  Waves are controlled by the tides, which are controlled by the lunar cycle.  I love everything about the moon.  Ancient philosophy tells us that the moon is feminine energy and the sun is masculine energy.  I do feel this tension in my life.  I feel very comfortable as the feminine "mom", caretaker.  I also feel compelled to demonstrate my worth and kick some ass occasionally.  I consider that masculine energy.  It is freeing to be able to artistically explore both of these energies. 

I have been drawn to create moon and stars pieces using the beautiful golden color that is drawn out by firing copper very hot under a certain flux enamel.  You will see this as the moon in my pieces.  Under the enamel, I imprinted a spiral texture into the copper.

I then lay an amazing bluish black enamel over the gold to create the night sky.  I tracked down the smallest star punch I could find to create the silver foil stars in the sky.  I hope you love the "moon and stars" pendant and earrings as much as I do.   I laid several layers of clear enamel over the top and ground the glass down to meet the fine silver cloisonné wire that creates the arc of the moon.

I have many influences, some somber, some full of energy and life.  My ocean inspired mandala makes me smile.  As a yogi, I am familiar with mandalas.  Can you tell I love symmetry?  It is so perfect, so satisfying.  Nothing is really ever perfect, but I love trying.  I also love druzies.  Druzies are the sparkly center of geodes.  They dazzle us with their brilliance.  They are the perfect center for a symmetrical mandala.  I am also obsessed with how amazing silver foil looks under enamel.  I do love sparkle. ;)  I have many other plans for these pieces, so stay tuned for future listings!

I am bringing back my gemstone sterling silver wave necklaces and rings for the holidays.  They are uncharacteristically dainty for me.  Silver waves have been done before of course, but I wanted to add a special sparkle to make them special.  I love mixing a classic with a little flair.  My wave necklaces and rings strike just the right tone.  They are simple and classic, yet never boring because you can add your choice of 12 gemstones to the crest of the wave.  Everyone has their favorite.  It's hard to choose, but I am total sucker for peridot.  It's not even blue!  Sacrilege!

I have so many ideas and plans to bring to you, time is the only constraint.  I hope you enjoy some of my designs and that you are inspired to gift something to yourself or someone you care about.  Click back to my email for links to my new pieces.

Thank you for reading and keep creating and learning.  Please consider supporting handmade small business.

Namaste, Sarah









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  • Hi-just wanted you to know how beautiful your new jewelry is!! The mandala is particularly beautiful!!🥰❤️

    Cheryl Boley

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