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The circle as a symbol brings me peace and hope.  That's why I love to use circles in my designs.  These gorgeous circles are cut from fine silver, hammered and fired with transparent enamels in various ocean inspired colors.  The textured metal underneath the enamel shines through to create more light catching effects.

As a yogi, I hold the idea that life and nature operates in a circle.  This law of the universe exists on many levels.  Life cycles, karma, seasons, emotions, energy and so many more elements are engaged in a cyclical process.  The ocean is also part of this whole, and I love to bring ocean inspired colors to my jewelry.

My circle enamel necklaces come in various shapes, colors and styles.  I hope you find one that speaks to you.  

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  • Fine Silver Enamel Circle Necklace in Aqua Blue, Seagreen, Royal Blue
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